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Intensive summer opera training program

Dr. Michael Donovan & Anne-Marie Donovan, Co-Artistic Directors
June 1 - June 27, 2020
Downtown Toronto

Quotation mark“This program has formed me into the artist I've always wanted to be. The tools I've learned from LROW set me apart; through refined, intentional, and dramatic processes, I was able to create a character without compromising my own authenticity.”
- Christina Yun, 2019 alumni

Long Reach Opera Workshop is an incorporated not-for-profit organization that provides emerging singers with specialized training to complement their university education. LROW takes place in the heart of downtown Toronto, the world’s most multicultural city.

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Handsel und Gretel

Quotation mark“Long Reach Opera Workshop was genuinely the most valuable learning experience that I have ever had. Every aspect of my performing abilities was improved drastically over the course of a single month—from diction, to technique, to acting, and everything in between. The faculty are incredible. Not only are they staggeringly knowledgeable professionals with impressive careers outside of LROW, they are a group of open, caring teachers. That, perhaps, is what defines LROW: its emphasis on teaching and learning above all else. Yes, it’s a fantastic opportunity to perform a world-class work, but the real value of the program lies in the safe, fun, yet distinctly professional learning environment that the faculty has fostered over the years. I would do LROW again in a heartbeat, and would encourage any singer of any skill level to audition, because it’s an opportunity that will change your life.”
- Sarah Nearing, 2019 Alumni

LROW is a “boutique” program, unique in that it offers an intimate, in-depth opera immersion focused on the performer – there is no big set design. Our faculty works in an integrated fashion, and emerging singers are focused entirely on preparing an opera, the training directed to learning, staging and performing a particular role. Unencumbered by theatrical trappings, we focus on musical excellence, the refined use of language, nuanced performance craft and telling a compelling, multidimensional story.

LROW has a small and mighty faculty of world-class artists led by co-artistic directors Dr. Michael Donovan, music director, and Anne-Marie Donovan, stage director. Hyejin Kwon returns as pianist and coach for Hänsel und Gretel; Christopher Bagan as historical keyboardist and music director for Bastien und Bastienne; Kate Carver as piano-vocal coach; and Brad Cook as movement & acting coach.


Quotation mark“I'd like to thank you for the wonderful program... I never had the impression that you were asking any more of us than we could actually give ... and it was always clear that the program was for our benefit above all else.”
-Jeffrey Smith, 2016 participant

What makes LROW unique?


Monday, June 1 – Saturday, June 27, 2020


Trinity St. Paul's Centre, 427 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Our pledge to you:

Long Reach Opera Workshop places its focus squarely on the singer-actor. We work in an intimate, ensemble setting to develop rounded performers and we strive for excellence in everything we do. As a workshop participant, you will have the opportunity to develop your stagecraft while immersing yourself in an opera role. We create an environment that is supportive, challenging and fun. And you will experience the excitement of living in the heart of downtown Toronto, the world's most culturally diverse city.

Together, we will explore: What is the work of a singer-actor? What is it to have performer energy? How do I build a role? How do I physicalize my character's experience? How do I meet the demands of depicting a character while maintaining healthy vocal production? What is it to share the stage with other performers? What is this opera about? Where does my character fit into the world of the opera?

Each day is divided into music rehearsals, coachings, staging rehearsals, acting and movement classes, and ensemble training exercises. The workshop culminates in fully staged public performances of a complete opera.

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Quotation mark“Thank you again for a wonderful three weeks! I learned so much from working with both of you. Thank you for making Long Reach an amazing experience.”
-Thera Barclay, 2016 participant


$2000 per student.
Students are in charge of their own accommodation in Toronto.